Cook, Lake, and St. Louis County (excluding the City of Duluth).

Do you want to own a home?

Down payment assistance could make it happen!


The Arrowhead Economic Opportunity Agency offers Homebuyer Assistance. The Homeownership assistance program is designed to promote and encourage home ownership by providing down payment and closing cost loans to income-eligible, qualified buyers. The funds will be provided by Northeast Minnesota HOME Consortium. 


The program will help families overcome the biggest barrier to purchasing a home: having sufficient funds to meet the downpayment and closing costs. Qualified families will be able to purchase homes anywhere in St. Louis (except Duluth), Lake, or Cook Counties. Education counseling and financial assistance are available through AEOA.

AEOA conducts a series of Homestretch Workshops, open to anyone interested in learning how to buy a home. It is designed to give prospective homebuyers an understanding and knowledge of:

-How real estate transactions work
-Qualifications of homebuyer financing
-Responsibilities of homeownership


  • Buyer(s) must complete the Homestretch Workshop and 1-on-1 counseling to qualify for assistance.
  • The home purchased must pass the minimum Housing Quality Standards Inspection.
  • Buyer(s) must be a first time homebuyer (or not owned a home in the last 3 years).
  • Buyer(s) must qualify for a mortgage. The counselor will assist in shopping for a mortgage.
  • Buyer(s) are required to pay a minimum of $1,000.00 towards the purchase of a property from their own resources. Available mortgage programs may require additional buyer contributions.
  • Household income must be below the following income limits. (80% below the County median gross income.)

Homeownership Income Levels



  • new home stretch schedule 

You can sign up for the classes HERE!!   

For one on one counseling please fill out the

application HERE!! 

For more information or if you have questions please call or email:

Autumn Holweger
Phone: 218-735-6895
Email: autumn.holweger@aeoa.org
Carol Gehrke
Phone: 218-735-6826
Email: carol.gehrke@aeoa.org

Sandy O'Fallon
Phone 218-999-0828
Email: SandyO@kootasca.org




    Homeownership framework

Buying a home is a big deal. Do it right.

Once upon a time, buying a home was simple. Today, the game has changed. Whether you're
buying a home for the first time or the fifth, you need to be more savy, more proactive. With homebuyer
education, you can be. It's not just about buying a home-it's about staying in it. Research
shows that informed homebuyers are successful homeowners.









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