AEOA Housing Foreclosure Prevention Services

Who we are.

The AEOA's mortgage counseling service was created in 1997. It exists becuase of the recognition that homes and homeowners are one of the region's most valuable resources - home ownership is critical to the stability of the region's families and communities. 

AEOA offers FREE foreclosure prevention services to homeowners in the Arrowhead region who are behind on their mortgage payments or worried about facing foreclosure.


We work with you to try to successfully resolve the difficulties you are having paying your mortgage.


Unlike for-profit mortgage counseling firms AEOA's mortgage counseling is a free service to the homeowners living in the Arrowhead region


 What we do?

 AEOA provides clients with one-on-one counseling with either over the phone or in person to help them through the mortgage foreclosure process. It provides guidance to homeowners who are seeking agreements from their lender, and helps negotiate with the lender if they are moving toward foreclosure.

The AEOA has a high success rate and have helped hundreds of local households of all ages avoid foreclosure.

Every situation is different - we will work to find a solution to help you!! AEOA employs a variety of tools to address your situation. Those tools include loan modification, streamline modification, payment plans, short sales, patial claims and selling the home to rescue remaining equity.


Why it's important to act quickly.

To provide you with as many options as possible, it's critical that if you are facing foreclosure, or even the potential of foreclosure, that you contact the AEOA as soon as possible. Remember, when it comes to your home and foreclosure, "If you wait, it could be too late."

The AEOA mortgage counseling services can be reached by calling 

Carol Gehrke
(218) 735-6826
(800) 662-5711 ext. 6826



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