AEOA Housing Services 

Our Mission

To build our communities by helping people meet their basic living needs: have affordable, quality housing and to improve their quality of living. Available in Cook, Lake, and St. Louis Counties.


Housing Programs


Energy Assistance

Funding to help low-income households pay winter energy costs. Assistance available to qualified households that are facing no-heat situations because of energy or heat disconnections, no fuel, or furnace problems.


Home Ownership Education

Workshops and counseling for people who want to learn about the home-buying process.


Weatherization Assistance

Energy Auditors inspect homes for ways to cut heating costs and improve air quality. Assistance to help households (owner occupied and rental properties) reduce their energy costs through energy conservation techniques. The program also addresses certain health and saftey hazards in the home. 


Single Family Rehabilitation

Funding for homeowners to improve the condition of their housing.


Rental Rehabilitation

Funding for landlords who want to improve rental units for low income tenants.


Homeless Services

Homeless shelter, financial assistance, and counseling to help people keep their current housing or find new stable housing.


Buisness Energy Retrofit

The Business Energy Retrofit Program (BER) is designed to educate and help assist businesses with energy efficient decisions and aid in financing the energy retrofit project.

AEOA Departments

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