Senior Partners Care


What is Senior Partners Care?

Senior Partners Care (SPC) serves the same purpose as a Medicare supplement insurance policy, to take care of the medical bills that aren’t paid by Medicare. Unlike an insurance policy, SPC DOES NOT PAY OUT anything. SPC provides access to a service that writes off 20% of Medicare patient responsibility; bill which are not reimbursed by Medicare.

Who can obtain Senior Partners Care?

SPC is for people whose income is too large to be on Medicaid (Medical Assistance), but too low to afford a supplemental insurance policy.

SPC is for people who are on Medicare and have income below $24,980 gross a year ($2,082 gross per month) for an individual or $33,820 gross a year ($2,818 gross per month) for a couple and a liquid asset limit of $51,500, that excludes the home and one vehicle.

Senior Partners Care is a program of the Arrowhead Economic Opportunity Agency (AEOA); a private, non-profit community action agency.

AEOA administers Senior Partners Care in Itasca, Koochiching, and northern St. Louis counties. AEOA certifies eligibility for a twelve month period and issues an enrollment card.

What does it cost?

There is an annual enrollment fee of $40 per person.

How to use your SPC card:

• Present your SPC card at registration

• Go to a medical provider that participates as a SPC medical provider

• If you’re billed for a Professional Medicare Deductible, you may have to pay that deductible or ask the provider to write-off that deductible.


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